Who is Doodle, you ask? Doodle is one of the four lambs (sheep) who make up the McLamby family. He lives in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, and this is his blog. That's right; life from a lamb's point of view. Doodle, and his brother Snowball, were orphaned lambs and raised on bottles...first in the garage and backyard of their people ("Dad" and "Mom")...then out in the big field with their "Uncles" Rosebud and Shermy, two big Cheviot sheep who are also...er...pet sheep. Sometimes it's just fine for someone to have no other purpose in life but to live and be one of God's creatures. That's Doodle, Snowball, Rosebud, and Shermy. Welcome to their world!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rosebud and Shermy

Here's Uncle Bud.  He's hiding in the tall grass!
He sees Mom, so he is coming to see if she might have cookies for him.

Rosebud is a sort of funny-shaped sheep.  He's a North Country Cheviot.  But his first year was hard, and we all think his growth was stunted.  He is big around, like a barrel.  But he's got very short legs!  He has a nice face, though.  And usually, a nice, gentle personality.

He was the start of it all, so everyone reveres Uncle Bud!

And then... there's Shermy.  Uncle Shermy came to be a companion for Bud when Bud and Mom and Dad moved to another county in Scotland, and Bud left behind the flock where he was living.

Uncle Shermy is part North Country Cheviot and part Shetland.  Although, he's very tall, and seems more Chevioty than Shetlandy.  And he has bug eyes!

He has little ears.  But they always hear cookie packets.  He has a trick, too!  He will take a cookie from Mom when she is holding it in her teeth!
Sometimes we little guys have to let the big guys have a little floor time!

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