Who is Doodle, you ask? Doodle is one of the four lambs (sheep) who make up the McLamby family. He lives in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, and this is his blog. That's right; life from a lamb's point of view. Doodle, and his brother Snowball, were orphaned lambs and raised on bottles...first in the garage and backyard of their people ("Dad" and "Mom")...then out in the big field with their "Uncles" Rosebud and Shermy, two big Cheviot sheep who are also...er...pet sheep. Sometimes it's just fine for someone to have no other purpose in life but to live and be one of God's creatures. That's Doodle, Snowball, Rosebud, and Shermy. Welcome to their world!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why We Like Our Shepherds

GOOD shepherds are meant to be followed.  That is what we do with Mom and Dad.  They lead, and we follow.  'Cause we always know they will take care of us and not hurt us.

It's not like that for most of us sheep.  'Specially the ones from big farms.  They don't get to follow their shepherds.  They get chased by dogs and quad bikes.  Did you know a sheep can die of fright?  Did you know a dog is just a dog to a person, but most dogs (unless they are watch dogs there to protect us) are animals of prey to sheep?
And lots of times, once the dogs and men have chased the sheep where they want them, they manhandle them quite roughly.  This is why most sheep now are afraid of most people.  Don't you think it's sad?  We do.

We're blessed, and glad.  We follow our shepherd.  Do you follow your Shepherd?

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