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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moving Day :: Revisited

It was just over a year ago that we moved from our old home to our new home, which isn't new anymore, because we've lived here for over a year!  I was remembering what moving day was like...
How Mom and Dad made us go into this horrible metal box which they told us was a Sheep Bus (only really, I don't think it was).  You can see us peeking out from the little tiny windows.  I mean, if it were a real bus, wouldn't it have big windows for sightseeing??

And another thing... this was not a self-driving bus!  Dad was pulling us by driving this huge, green thing with big wheels.  I do not like those!  I see a lot of them at certain times of year.  They never come right into our field, though.  Anyway... we went for a ride.  It wasn't very long, thank goodness!  I think it was about 9 hours, but Mom said it was only 10 minutes.  Probably it felt longer because Snowball baa-ed the whole entire way!

But here we are, coming out of the bus thing and going into our new field!  We still live here.  It's kinda small, our field, but it's home, and we are comfortable in it.  It feels secure.  And it's quiet and peaceful all around, with no neighbors too close by.  Plus, the bonus is that Mom and Dad take us out for walks and adventures and 'sploring and treks to other fields and lots of time eating good green things growing all around... EVERY DAY!

So, I guess it was worthwhile to ride in the "sheep bus" for a little ways, until we came to our new home.  Still, I'd rather not go for those kinds of rides.  The bus might be silver colored, but it definitely isn't "Silver Service"!

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